We offer a wide range of concrete drilling and cutting services. Here at Auckland Concrete Drilling & Cutting Ltd, we are happy to tackle any project whether it be a large construction site or a small house renovation. We take pride in every service we provide, so you can be certain we are performing at the highest standard in concrete cutting and drilling. Don’t hesitate to contact our professional concrete drillers and cutters to discuss your project or requirements.

Concrete sawing and cutting

The specialists from Auckland Concrete Drilling & Cutting Ltd are constantly improving our knowledge and skills so we can be ready to take on work of any specifications. That’s what makes us the ideal choice for a range of concrete cutting and drilling work, such as channels for drainage for laying of electrical wiring, we cut openings or we cut for demolition. Our cutting service employs a number of modern techniques such as a wet/dry vacuum in internal cutting for water protection. The vacuum ensures that the surrounding area is dry and undamaged.


With our experience in the industry we acknowledge the importance of trust especially with a new relationship, here at Auckland Concrete Drilling & Cutting Ltd we are a team you can rely on. We are privilege to have worked on many different projects and construction sites of various sizes and scopes. We have the specialised know-how to get around any problem. Speak to us to find out what we can do for you.

Concrete drilling

Our concrete cutters and drillers understand the importance of affiliations and therefore strive to work alongside many tradespeople in Auckland. As many jobs maybe different, we dedicate our time to understanding your specifications and will work with you throughout the process for the optimal completion of any project we are involved in. With our utmost respect to budget constraints, we aspire to beat all deadlines and come within budget, which is why we are dedicated to punctuality and reliability.

Concrete drilling